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Twentieth century ... was a remarkable century in the sense that its every moment produced a new vision of consciousness, and its wondrous state is illustrious in the twenty first century as well. ... Read More

The use of symbols to communicate powerful ideas has a long history in literature, poetry and arts. Symbol has a loaded meaning and is an indirect way to express opinions and ideas. Due to this qua ... Read More

Lahore has been known as a crucible of diversified cultures owing to its nature of being a trade center, as well as being situated on the path to the capital city Delhi. Both consumers and invaders, ... Read More

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This article deals with the tradition of familiarization with Sir Sayyed Ahmad Khan in the course of literary history. Zafar Ali Khan (1873…1956) was a student of Aligarh. He graduated in 1895. Dur ... Read More

Translation is at best at Echo "George Borrow". "Translation makes brige between the two nation"Josh Maleehabadi is a well-known poet and a writer. He wrote Auto-biography, essays, letters, columns, ... Read More

The ideal relationship between Pakistan and Turkey is not dependent some vested interests or joint agreements. Rather it is common cultural heritage of the two brotherly countries. The translations ... Read More

This reserch article deals with the first ever complete english traslation of Diwan-e-Ghalib by Dr. Yousaf Hussain Kahn . This translation was published with the name of Urdu Ghazals of Ghalib by Gh ... Read More

Whendue to West'scultural invision in the subcontinent,thePersian Language learning stopped or diminished, a group of translator with the idea to save their cultural heritage and to expand thoughts ... Read More

The tradtition of "Urdu Tadveen e Matn" has its roots in the rich and flourishing history of Tadveen in Arabic and Persian. In Particular it drives its principals and rules from the Tadveen of Quran ... Read More

Some collections explore scholarly, religious and critical articles, short stories, satirical writings, philosophical themes even journalistic reports in the apparent form of letters. Such collectio ... Read More

Metamorphosis is a significant myth in ancient literature of all over the world. Human to animals, animals to human are changing constant in every mythology of the world. Critics has discovered that ... Read More

Movements are based on strong ideologies which subsequently result in marvelous literary and scientific works. World Literature is full of such remarkable achievements. In Urdu literature there are ... Read More

Hayatullah Ansari was an Indian author Journalist and politician. After schooling he joined the Aligarh Muslim University where he got his bachelor's degree. In Aligarh he came in contact with the p ... Read More

Humour and sense of humour plays not only an important role in life but also in literature . Humour produce the strength to bear the crude realities of life. So like all the literatures of the world ... Read More

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi's is recognized as a brighten era of literature. Qasmi Sb has proven his distinction in every field of fiction, poetry, story writer, dramatist, novelist/short story, columnist/jo ... Read More

The study is aimed to highlight the social conditions of Colonial India in late 19thand early 20thcentury, with special refrence to gender equity.The traditionalist as well as the modernists of the ... Read More

Asad Muhammad Khan is an established diversified fiction writer who engulfs a number of thought provoking ideas and characters in his stories. He roams through places to civilizations without any ma ... Read More

It is a complicated process to understand human psychology. Man has both good and evil, is striving with the crown of being the supreme creature. However, it has been evidently seen that in the abse ... Read More

Television commercials are generally produced in two different styles: in argumentative manner, and in narrative style. In argumentative style various attributes of the product are shown in a logica ... Read More

Khadija mastoor is an eminent novelist of progreesive era. She highlightes economic and social issues in her several short stories. She considerably added in the field of literature by writing novel ... Read More

Arabic literature is one of the oldest as well as the richest literatures of the world. It dates back to the pre Islamic period. It was basically in verse form and was transmitted orally from one ge ... Read More

Identity is a construction, which is articulated in cultural process and daily social interaction. Literature presents and takes part in this process. In the novel different techniques of characteri ... Read More

Dr Jamil Jalibi is a renouned scholar and great researcher . He has been buisy in his literary, critical and scholarly work for the last seven decades. Cultural issues remained a ponit of focus in h ... Read More

Frantz Omar Fanon(July 20,1925 - December 6,1961) is recokned one of the most influential theorist of Post-Colonial studies.In this article an effort has been made to highlight the colonial situatio ... Read More

Lahore is a Famous City of Pakistan and has several colors of it’s life. A famous and beautiful aspect of it’s life is a literary Atmosphere. This article consists literary activities of twentieth c ... Read More

The term "Pakistanism" (Pakistaniyat) is directly related to the establishment of Pakistan. This term is so multidimensional that even today we can see the efforts of determining its denotations and ... Read More

Hasan Askari raised a slogan of Pakistani literature.There are no two opinions that every country has its own civilization and culture.Then why does an objection is made on Pakistani literature? Thi ... Read More

Urdu poetry before Maulana Altaf Hussain Hali's "Muqadma Sher o shairy" traditionally was known by its sterio-type rules. Hali and Azad encouraged the new ideas to expand urdu language and in genera ... Read More

Doctor Daud Rahbar unfolds social trends, communal aspirations and culinary tastes in his characteristic poetic wit. Although he performed a considerable drill of lyrical poetry, it could not surpas ... Read More

Literature is an appropriate mode for expression of thought and vision. Poetry is its most impressive and effective form of communication. It is the most beautiful and sensitive source to expresses ... Read More

Jilani Kamran was a renowned literary personality. As a poet and critic the valuable creative and academic asset left by him will always be remembered. He maintained his dignified and exclusive reco ... Read More

Muhammad Safdar Meer was famous Urdu poet of the 20th centaury. This article seeks to bring into light the symbols of Muhamamd Safdar Meer's poem that he created in his poetry. The critic has tried ... Read More

In this article, personality of John Elia and his feelings & thoughts related to the concept of life and death, regarding Urdu Ghazal, have been analyzed. Incidents of personal life, stir the though ... Read More

It is said in the sense of literature that brevity to the essence of elucidation. Keeping in view this axiom I have put some thing in a nutshell, paying homage to Omer Khayyam the quartrain vocalist ... Read More

To limit the language to mere a conglomeration of words is not sufficient rather to call it the specific words which sustain cultural and civilizational bond with its society. As Language, through ... Read More

This article presents the debate of culture and civilization in context to the critical thinking and concepts of Faiz Ahmad Faiz. The article introduces culture and civilization, national culture an ... Read More

The study deals with the status of Ghazal, the most popular genre of Urdu poetry in subcontinent-in post 1947 era in AZAD KASHMIR. In fact this part of Kashmir has no known literary tradition in ter ... Read More

Majeed Amjd possesses a distinguished rank among the modern Urdu poets. He has set new trends for the contemporary Urdu verse. He has unbounding love for the world of Nature---flowers, trees, greene ... Read More

One major tool for success in sustaining control over colonies in the hands of colonist is to nullify the local culture and impose the values system of their own. In Colonial India British tried to ... Read More

Discourse analysis is the most recent technique to understand and examine the course of history and contemporary aspects of a certain society. Urdu language has through many ages including colonial ... Read More

Colonialism resorts to use and devise all sorts of power to ascertain its control over colonies. There are two major kinds of power that are employed: hard and soft. Education falls under second cat ... Read More

Modern Urdu Poem origins of which flourished in the influence of Anjuman-e-Punjab, a colonial institution,kept absorbing every ebb and flow of the Colonial period for more or less one century.In thi ... Read More

In urdu literature romanticism is being called a literery movement in varios books of literature and criticism. In this article i have proved by reasons that romanticism is a trend not a movement in ... Read More

Islam was revealed in the vast desert of Arabia and spread all over the world. Due to the wide spread it couldn't avoid the touch of different religions. After Holy Prophet (SAW) different logical d ... Read More

Poetical translations of known and popular poets of different languages are common. The main objective of these works was to introduce of prominent poet of a specific language to the readers of othe ... Read More

Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was a 13th-century Muslim poet, Islamic scholar and Sufi mystic. Rumi's influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions. Many people around the world have great ... Read More

The international readers get a glimpse of The famous nostalgic poet of Urdu literature, Nasir Qazmi,'s creative work through the English translations of Waqas Ahmad Khawaja, K.c Kanda and Basir Sul ... Read More

Hafiz Taib holds a prominent place in the realm of Na't poetry. Owing to the diversity of subjects in his poetic compositions, he has been called "Mujadid-e-na't". Having served as a Professor and t ... Read More

Ishq (immortal love), is considered as an important topic among the topics of world literature. All poets and writers of the world have adorned their writings with different aspects of Ishq. Some au ... Read More

C.M.Naim 's essays in the book Urdu Texts and Contexts are written against the grain,offer fresh perspectives on diverse Urdu texts vital to the cultural history of India,and on the equally diverse ... Read More

Phonetics and Phonemics are the branches of linguistics that comprises the study of sound of human speech. We study the rules pertaining to the procedure of the sounds and their classification, wher ... Read More

Dr Atash Durani is a well-known researcher in Urdu language and literature. He wrote some useful books on Urdu Research. These books opened the new doors for research of Urdu on modern and scientifi ... Read More

Dr Sabir Afaqi was a famous poet of urdu,gojri and farsi. At the same time he was historian,compiler,translator,columist also. He was born in muzaffarabad but visited the whole world and also wrote ... Read More

Salome is an allegory which is based on a story from the New Testament. The story had influenced various writers of Europe. Oscar Wild has dramatized the story and Gustav Flaubert has presented it i ... Read More

Sanaullah Dar (May 25, 1912 - November 3, 1949) popularly known as" Meera Jee" is a famous literary figure of Urdu literature . His simultaneous grip upon Urdu and English literatures created tremen ... Read More

Traces of imagery are found in the very start of Iqbal's poetry. He portrays both static and kinesthetic images in his poetry. His imagery revolves around evolution. They are not mere picture but ca ... Read More

The comparative study of Allama Muhammad Iqbal and the German Idealist philoophers like Kant, Fichte, Schelling and Hegel is of much importance. Iqbal was influenced by these German Idealists to som ... Read More

Allama Muhammad Iqbal had a great literary and philosophical impact of Mavelana Rumi on his poetry. His Mathnavi " Javed nameh" is an important example of this influence of Rumi's "Mathnavi Ma'anavi ... Read More

So many books are there on ideological analysis of Allama Muhammad Iqbal's poetry and philosophy but the technical characteristics of the great poet have always been neglected or ignored as he himse ... Read More

Josh Malih Abadi was a famous poet. He is renowned as poet of youth and revolution because of his romantic and revolutionary poems. Josh was also an elegist. Zamir Akhtar Naqvi compiled his elegies ... Read More

Allama Muhammad Iqbal's lectures were translated for the very first time by Syed Nazir Niazi. The translation was published under the title of "Tashkeel-e-Jadeed Ilahiyat-e-Islamia". This paper offe ... Read More

Mani Persian was the founder of manichaeism.This religious system is based on his doctrines.He combined the belief of the two opposing principles govern the universe.According to this system,the wor ... Read More

Russian revolution of 1917 affected the poets and writers all over the world. Indian poets and the writers, too, could not keep themselves away from the influence of this revolution. And their creat ... Read More

Ben Okri is a Nigerian Poet and Novelist.He is considered one of the best African novelists in the post-modern and post-colonial traditions. He has written 10 novels and 3 collection of short storie ... Read More

Modern sociological studies suggest that during the capitalistic era of social evolution through the requirements of trade mechanism, human beings at every step of their lives, are facing new needs. ... Read More

Rabindranath Tagore (7 May 1861 - 7 August 1941) is a well known Bengali writer. Tagore's poetic songs were viewed as spiritual and mercurial; however, his "elegant prose and magical poetry" remain ... Read More

Indersabha and Shakuntla are significant names in the drama genre of urdu literature. Mythical happenings and excess of supernatural element grants it lore. Indersabha belongs to the sabha which is ... Read More

Autobiography is detailed life of the author written by himself, where as character sketch is brief life of person written by other ones based on their characterstics, behaviour mainly pesonality et ... Read More

Alienation is a prominent term in twentieth century social theory and social criticism ,reffering to any of various social and psychological evils which are characterized by a harmful separation,dis ... Read More

Krishan Chandra is one of the stalwarts of progressive literary movement. He portrayed plight of subcontinent woman and her torments and issues. The woman belonging to lower strata or middle class a ... Read More

This artical is concerned with a world famous writer "Ibrahim Jalees" reporting "Du Maulk Eik Kahani".This is an important report, written on the subject of "Partition of Hind".The writer wrote this ... Read More

Ghulam Abbas is one of the prominent story writers of modern Urdu fiction. He is known for his perfection in technique and narration of the story. However, in author's point of view, his characteriz ... Read More

Ruba'ee is a genera of poetic expression that provides the best means of expression to mysticism.This genera, too,like other genera of expression found its place to urdu under the influence of persi ... Read More

Although God is the only omnipotent power and central source to seek divinity and set beliefs for all religions, even though it has become a social practice in present era to centralize and focus th ... Read More

Middle class is most important and active in every society of the world. In this article, it is discussed that middle class has some individual features and it has great significance to make an inte ... Read More

Munir Niazi was a well knowned modern urdu poet. This article deals with man as a subject of his poetry. He exposes the materialistic selfish man of machine era.In his Ghazals, sensitive man, despit ... Read More

The Western Nations strived very hard to emboss their supremacy on the subcontinent Indopak in different spans of period. The Purtagese have enjoyed the predominance among the other visitors .In the ... Read More

"Urdu poem has different phases in its developmental process. There was no any concept of thematic poem in classical age of Urdu poetry but Nazeer Akbar Abadi is an exception who wrote poems on them ... Read More

The world of sounds which we face sometimes on the basis of concentration and sometimes casually is full of meaningful treasures. Besides it we all pass through several zones of silences. Sensitive ... Read More

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