Feminism is the reaction of social acts. It reflects the injustice with female in the society and literature is the reflection of the society. Feminism is a movement to safeguard and protect the women rights. It is a reaction against a male dominant society. In Sumerian, Egyptian and even in Greek civilization women were humiliated and were not considered even a human being. The Greeks use the term of "Pandora" for woman. In Saraiki Novels, the woman is mistreated in the society. Woman has to face all kinds of difficulties. In Saraiki culture woman is romanticized as to be faithful, committed, symbol of sacrifice, hardworking and caring, but never been given an appropriate place in the society as desired in Islam. She became the victim of sexual harassment. Male domination is the visible part in Saraiki Novels.

سید صفدر حسین, زاہدہ ظہور. (2016) سرائیکی ناول نگاری میں تانیثیت, Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 2.
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