This poem by Majeed Amjad has been termed as a representative piece of creativity by the critiques of Urdu literature students of poetry alike. And rightly so, because on the one hand, it tends to explore and unfold the multi-layer complexities of life: present here after and here before in a semi metaphoric style but also transcends the reader into the mystery of time, space and universe. The ease and eloquence with which Majeed Amjad has woven the fabric of this poem is unprecedented in modern Urdu poetry. Another mentionable dimension of this novel poem is the metaphorically of man, who despite ostensible freedom of choice is miserably bound by the chains of fate and compulsions, both internal and external. The comprehension of rich poetic expression, the sublime magic and delicate knitting of lines with its theme, has placed this poem among the evergreen pieces of eternal poetry.

نبیل احمد نبیل. (2016) مجید امجد کی نظم ” نہ کوئی سلطنت ضبط غم ہے نہ اقلیم طرب” کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ, Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 2.
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