A curve approximation technique, based on growing quadratic and cubic Bezier, is presented in this paper. The approximating curve starts growing along the given curve till it reaches to the end. It de ... Read More

This research paper deals with the modeling, analysis and simulation of a two degree of freedom pan tilt platform (PTP) for rapidly positioning a camera. The PT?, with 2-revolute joints, is a device t ... Read More

Automated synthesis refers to design of physical systems using any of the models proposed for machine intelligence like evolutionary computation, neural networks and fuzzy logic. Mechatronic systems a ... Read More

Most of the environmental tribulations is embedded in a spatial matrix. Such location disparities in environmental quality resulting from the patterns of transportation and land use are legitimate the ... Read More

In this paper, Adomian decomposition method (ADM) is employed to compute Sumudu transform of some typical functions. In this method, the solution is found in the form of a convergent power series with ... Read More

The Moving Kriging (MK) interpolation was recently proposed as a superior substitution of the Moving Least Square (MLS) approximation in the construction of shape functions for the Element-Free Galerk ... Read More

We report mea.sUICJD.CD.ts of two-dimensional (B/D::S) fully tw:bulent and developed duct flows (overall length/depth. IlD=60; D-based Reynolds number Re>104) for inclinations to 30 degrees from ve ... Read More

In this study, a 2D large eddy simulation of the flow around a thin, cambered, controlled-diffusion airfoil was carried out. An embedded local mesh refinement technique was used to achieve very fine n ... Read More

The fracture toughness of a series of passive armor candidate substructures has been evaluated using impact testing with special reference to interleaving viscoelastic layers fabricated in-house. A se ... Read More

Sheet metal cutting employs less force as compared to shear force for cutting if cutting process is initiated by a crack. As the cutting process starts from the crack at the edge of the sheet metal, t ... Read More

Sintering of Silicon Carbide with nano-sized alumina as well as mullite as an additive has been studied. Nano-sized alumina produced by several routes were first analyzed and then investigated. This a ... Read More

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The influence of top layer's material of membrane and flow direction on gas transport has been investigated. A simulation analysis has been done to study the influence of the material of permselective ... Read More

In this research work, the emphasis is on the study of the effects of friction in the revolute joint for fine manipulation of robotic arm manipulators. The friction model is used to capture the fricti ... Read More

An application of Swarm Intelligence (SI) based Meta-heuristics for a NP-hard problem in the area of wireless communications is explored. The specific problem is of detecting symbols in a Multi-Input ... Read More

A new integral transform similar to Laplace and Sumudu transforms is introduced. It converges to both transforms just by changing variables. A table is presented for existing Laplace and Sumudu transf ... Read More

A series of Sr-hexa ferrite with the addition of Si02 (wt % = 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, 2.0) has been prepared by the solid state reaction method. The structural characterization of all the samples confirmed the ... Read More

The Dynamic Programming Projected-Phase Slope Algorithm (DYPSA) detects glottal closure instants (GCI) in speech signals. We present an improvement in the algorithm in which a voiced/unvoiced/silence ... Read More

Medical telemetry systems, also known as telemedicine, are evolving rapidly as wireless Communication technology advances, evidenced by the commercial products and research prototype for remote health ... Read More

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A numerical investigation has been conducted to study the effectiveness of Moving Surface Control method in controlling dynamic stall in oscillating airfoils. The momentum imparted by the moving surfa ... Read More

The transient liquid phase (TLP) bonding of a nickel based oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloy was performed using a Ni-P interlayer. The diffusion of Cr from the parent metal into the joint reg ... Read More