Categorization of Pashto Folk Poetic Generes, and Creative Endeavores

t: Pashto folk tradition caters to a spectrum of folk geners, as the geography is wide and inhabited by diverse settlements, which are directly connected though their pastoral economy, therefore the range of folk forms of poetry and prose are evolved. This arcticle tends to focus the variety of folkloric genres of Zhob valley, one of the most fertile vallies of Pashtuns which created dozens of different generes. The paper also disscus different trends that are observed in the wake of postmodern era challenges. How these generes are created and practiced, is the main question this paper intends to probe in.

Muhammad Salim Kakar. (2019) د پښتو فکري شاعرانو نسلونو طبقه بندي ، او د تخلیقي هڅو, Takatoo Journal, Volume 11, Issue 21.
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