A Study of The life and Services of Al-Haj Muhammad Amin

Alhajj Muhammad Amin is one of a great literary figure in the field of Pashto literature .He contributed mostly in the Pashto holy songs .He praised the Prophet through his poetry and showed his deep love for him .He has authored many books in Pashto prose and poetry. Along with it his efforts and struggles for Pashtun people in character development is praiseworthy. He trained Pashtun people how to spend their lives according to Islamic teaching.It is now valuable to inform the people about his character in such a way that they may know about his early life which he led and struggle to guide his followers spiritually. He was not only a poet but a great general and social figure also of his time. He was an active member of war of independence. But his untiring effort in the field of holy songs is unmatchable and unprecedented. His poems and songs are full of devotional love and affection of the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. In spite of the above mentioned traits and qualities, his early childhood, primary education and family tree is unknown. This research aims to dig out all those things which were unknown till date with references and solid proofs. Before this research all other researches were lacking in this regard

Taj Nabi Khan. (2019) د الحاج محمد امین د ژوند او خدماتو مطالعه, Takatoo Journal, Volume 11, Issue 21.
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