Eastern and Western civilization and its clash is an important research work. It highlights the merits and demerits of the both civilizations. The research suggests that the clash of civilization is a reality.The contrast of Eastern and Western Civilizations is so much striking that some time a very intelligent person also remains astonished.The clash of Both Civilizatuions have been depicted very beautifully in Urdu Fiction.Urdu Fiction has laid a great focus to enlight its reader about the changed point of view of life in Eastern and Western Civilizations.So,it suggests that clash must be accepted as a fact. Hence, East and West should adopt suitable measures to learn tolerance of differences and be prepared to accept others with thier qualities and faults. It will enable them to enjoy modern world with its merits and demerits.It also suggests that need of reformation in both civiliztions is necessray. Reformation in both civilization will produce a safe future to the coming generations.

سمیرا اسلم. (2018) مشرق اور مغرب کی تہذیبی کشمکش , Bazyaft, Volume 32 , Issue1 .
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