This article is a brief introduction to the English translations of Hali's poetry and prose.It tells us about seven(7) translations of Hali's famous poem "Mussadas e Mad o jazr e Islam".Some of Hali's other poems are also translated into english which include "Chup ki Daad", "Hubb e Wattan", "Delhi Marhoom", "Shikwa e Hind " and "Englistaan ki Azaadi aur Hindustaan ki Ghulaami". The scholar of this article gives innformation that first of all Hali;s Rubaiyaat were traslated i.e., in 1904 by G.E.Ward.Afterwards C.S.Tute and K.C.Kanda also translated slected Rubaiyaat of Hali.Seven(7) of Hali's ghazals are also translated into english.While Umesh Joshi and K.C.Kanda translated twenty one (21) and nineteen (19) selected couplets of Hali,respectively.In Hali's Prose works,his books "Hayat e Javed", "Yadgaar e Ghalib" and "Majalis un Nisa" are translated into english.According to known facts, eighteen (18) books including english translations from Hali's poetry and prose are available.The writer of this research article emphasizes that all these translations should be compiled in one voume to introduce Hali's works in world literature.It would be a great service to Urdu Literature.

عارفہ شہزاد. (2016) نظم و نثر حالی کے انگریزی تراجم, Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 1.
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