The article entitled:"Influence of Arabic Islamic(thoughts)in Hali's poetry"is a comprehensive study of the Arabic & Islamic elements used in Moulana Altaf Hussain Hali's poetry in Urdu.As concerned Urdu language,It is grammatically an indo_Aryan language written in Persian&Arabic scripts.The script of Urdu is modified from Persian and Arabic alphabets.Mostly Urdu poets use not only Arabic words and terminologies in their poetry but they follow Arabic & Persian poets in their style,method and thinking. Hali was a great poet of Urdu language and was influenced by Arabic Islamic thoughts as he pointed out in his poetry.He says some verses(poetry) in Arabic and uses Arabic words,terminologies and incomplete sentences in his potry.Sometimes he says one part of verse in Arabic and second in Urdu language.His versitication is based on Arabic language and literature.There are a lot of Arabic,Quranic and Islamic words,terminologies and other rhetorical terms like as similes, metaphors and illusions in his poetry.He presented the meanings of Quranic verses and sayings of Holy prophet(peace be upon Him) in his poetry.In fact,there is no way for us to say that Hali's poetry is influenced by Arabic & Islamic literatures.

محمد سلیم. (2016) حالی کی شاعری میں عربی و اسلامی اثرات, Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 1.
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