This articles introduces us to an important book written by an orientalist ,Carla Petiavich.The book discusses the famous theory of two schools of thought in classical urdu poetry i.e.,Delhvi and Lakhnvi.Carla Patiavich is of the opinion that this division is baseless and gave rise to ignorance about positive triats of Lakhnavi poets.Lakhnavi poets are not inferior to Delhvi poets while we comparison their topics or style.Critics are cause of this baseless division .In openion of Carla Patiavich all poets belonging to wether Lakhnavi or Delhvi school of thought should be called only classical poets. The authour of this artical contradics with Carla Petiavich"s point of view and arguments that division of poets on reigonal basis isn't something new.In world literature there are several such examples.Moreover number of couplets having Lakhnavi or Delhvi traits of poetry justify this division among prominent poets of both schools of poetry. Anyway Carla Patiavich's book intoduces english readers to an important discusion about classical urdu poetry.Its need of time that more critics should discuss it in english language and should present a balanced and justified point of view in this concern.

عارفہ شہزاد. (2016) اردو شاعری دبستانوں کا قضیہ اور کارلا بیٹی ایوچ (Carla Petiavich), Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 2.
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