Travelogue is an important branch of Urdu literature. Many renowned writers have given their own styles and own crafts to Urdu travelogues. The Travelogue can be divided according to the subject and travelling areas etc. The most of Urdu travelogues are written on the travels of Saudi Arabia (Hajj), India and northern areas. Hajj travels are completely religious. Northern areas travelogues have a purely recreational style, but the travels of Islamic Republic of Egypt have both styles, religious as well as recreational. So the travelogues of Egypt have this spatiality that their study has comparatively vast aspects and topics. This article focuses only those travelogues which describe any partial travel of Egypt. It means that the writer of the travelogue had a journey of different countries including Egypt.

روبینہ رفیق, عالیہ مجید. (2016) پاکستان میں لکھے گئے مصر کے جزوی سفر نامے---- ایک مختصر جائزہ, Bazyaft, Vol 28-29, Issue 2.
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