Seikh Muhammad Ismail Pani Pati was a well known writer, scholar and critic. He was also known as a Haali shanas. He wrote and compiled three important books on Haali, like ''Jawahrat-e-Haali'',''Tazkra-e- Haali'' and ''Kuliyat-e-Haali''. Moulana Khuwaja Altaf Hussain Hali was also a well known poet, scholar and critic etc. He wrote some poems for children. Seikh Muhammad Ismail Pani Pati included these poems in his compilation ''Jawahrat-e-Haali'' of Haali's poems. Maulvi Abdul Haq was also a well known linguist, researcher, scholar and writer. He is known as ''Baba-e-Urdu'' because of his literary and linguistic contributions towards Urdu language and literature. Maulvi Abdul Haq did not accept that these poems belong to Haali. In this research paper, the writer analyses and researches on Maulvi Abdul Haq's opinion.

Nabeel Mushtaq . (2018) ''جواہرات حالی '' پر مولوی عبدالحق کا ایک اعتراض, Bazyaft, Vol 33, Issue 2.
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