In this paper, the natural frequencies of exponential functionally graded beams are determined fromtwo separate formulations, one based on an analytical approachand the other based on a numericalapproach. The classical beam theory is carried out with various boundary conditions. The results obtained inthis paper arepresented and compared with otherresults inthereferencesto verify the correctness in implementing the formula and writing the Matlab code.This paper can help researchershave an overview of the vibration characteristics of the exponential functionally graded beams. Furthermore, they can enhance their research by modifying more advanced materials such as beams reinforced by graphene platelets, beams' shape, etc. Last but not least, with the strong application of the functionally graded material in real life, it would begood if there were more datarelated to this issue.

LanHoang That Ton*, , Nam PhuongThiNgo. (2021) Natural Frequencies of ExponentialFunctionally GradedBeams based on Classical Beam Theory, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 14, Issue 1.
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