These patients, three in number, two male and one female were presented with excessive outgrowth of mass on lower forearm. The patients with age ranging from 10-20 years were reported from Dera Ismail Khan city, in KPK province of Pakistan. The CT scan of lower arm revealed a large chondromatous mass with specs of calcification. The scan also showed normal status of subclavian, axillary, brachial, radial and ulnar arteries, however the mass appears to partly displace the distal most part of radial and ulnar arteries. The disease seems to have genetic etiology, because multiple patients were reported from same family and all the individuals were born from consanguineous parents. The pedigree analysis showed autosomal dominant fashion of disease segregation.

Muzammil Ahmad Khan, Iftikhar Ahmad. (2017) CHONDROMATOUS MASS ON LOWER FOREARM, Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences , Volume 15, Issue 2.
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