Background: Compelling evidence exists that the atherosclerotic process begins in childhood and progresses slowly into adulthood, at which time it leads frequently to coronary heart disease. The present study aims to determine the presence of non fasting hypertriglyceridemia in normal weight and obese primary school children 6-11years. Material and Methods: A total of 86 school children with 25 normal weight and 61 obese were included in this study. Body-mass-status was determined according to the WHO, 1995 criteria. Non-fasting blood sample was used for lipid screening including Triglyceride (TG); Total Cholesterol (CH), Low Density and High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol (LDL-C and HDL-C). TG and CH were assessed by enzymatic and LDL-C and HDL-C through direct method. Results: Mean, for the TG level was observed higher in normal weight girls (181.30 ±15.04 mg/dl) than normal weight boys (141.87 ±37.60 mg/dl). Similar trend was observed in obese children. Mean for the TG concentration in obese girls was assessed higher (238.1 ±95.2 mg/dl) than (204.15 ±55.48 mg/dl) in obese boys. The observed value of 170 mg/dl was calculated as normal for non fasting triglyceride in this study. TG level of 200-400mg was taken as high and a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD). Same is recorded as 1.7% in obese girls and 1.4% in obese boys. Conclusion: The present study has expressed a significant non-fasting hypertriglyceridemia in obese children especially in obese girls. Non fasting lipid screening is a better option especially for children at risk for CVD and avoids the burden of fasting; is convenient both, for children and parents and that it is less costly and time consuming.

Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Bashir, Faiqah Ramzan. (2017) PROFILE OF NON FASTING LIPID LEVELS IN NORMAL WEIGHT AND OBESE SCHOOL CHILDREN OF 6-11 YEARS AGE, Gomal Journal of Medical Sciences , Volume 15, Issue 2.
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