A 3 months old female infant was admitted with history of high grade fever, cough, irritability, difficulty in feeding and vomiting for two days. On admission, she had fever of 1030F, respiratory rate of 65/minute, heart rate of 155/minute. She had morbilliform rash on her trunk and back. Her laboratory findings showed markedly raised D–Dimers (4480 ng/ml), and LDH (lactate dehydrogenase) was also raised 2230 U/L. Chest X-ray showed bilateral pneumonia. Considering the present pandemic of covid-19, HR-Ct chest was carried out which revealed bilateral diffuse extensive ground glass opacities in peripheral and peribronchial distribution. Upon HR CT chest findings, her nasopharyngeal swab was again taken for COVID 19 PCR which came positive. Injection dexamethasone (0.8 mg Iv X 8 hourly), injection piperacillin - tazobactum 400 mg X 8 hourly, Injection amikacin 30 mg X BiD, Inj remdesivir 25 mg IV stat and 12.5 mg IV daily for next 02 days till her death. Despite vigorous efforts, her oxygen saturation kept deteriorating; she had to be put on ventilator. She went into sudden cardiorespiratory arrest on 4th November and could not be revived

ZAMEER AHMAD NAYYAR, SUMERA AKRAM, MUHAMMAD AHMED KHAN, Farah Zameer. (2021) Case Report of a 3 Months Infant Who Died of COVID -19, Pakistan Pediatric Journal, Volume 45, Issue 2.
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