Objective: To explore the effects of cold therapy and functional task exercises for reduction of spasticity and hand function improvement in children with spastic Cerebral palsy. Study Design: Randomized control trial. Place and Duration of Study: Physiotherapy Department of Allied Hospital and Children hospital Faisalabad after taking informed consent from participants. January 2019 to April 2019. Material and Methods: A convenient sample of 30 Spastic Cerebral Palsy children considered. The treatment group received cold therapy + FTE (Functional Task Exercises) and the control group received FTE only. Data was collected through (Modified Ashworth Scale) MAS, goniometry and, (Quality of Upper Extremity Skills Test) QUEST. Results: After treatment post-spasticity results showed a non-significant p-value and post-hand function results revealed significant p-values. (.022 that is <0.05). Through the difference in mean values treatment group was more effective in reducing spasticity, so results showed the intervention used in the treatment group was clinically notable. Conclusion: In this study, the combination of cryotherapy and functional task exercises was more successful in reducing spasticity and improving hand function.

AMAL FATIMA, AMMARA RIAZ, RAMISH SALEEM. (2021) Effects of Cryotherapy on Hand Function in Children with Spastic Cerebral Palsy, Pakistan Pediatric Journal, Volume 45, Issue 2.
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