This paper is based upon political parties, party system, political culture, political ideology, elitism, elitist theories and political recruitment of elites. This paper will analyse the recruitment of elites as an important function of the political parties. It will contain a critical study of political parties as a major platform, source and an instrument of recruiting elites while identifying other sources or instruments. For this very purpose, major classical and contemporary elitist theories would be considered and would be applied in the practical cases. In this research paper it has been seen whether the practical cases approve the theories or they are defying in certain cases. This research paper is an effort to answer few questions i.e. are political parties the only major source of recruitment of elites in a political system? If not, identify the other sources and what are the different types, modes and dimensions channels of political recruitment of elites through political parties?. For this purpose, an insight of different party systems i.e. zero-party system, one-party system, two-party system and multi-party system is taken. Further, in the end, it has been concluded that political parties are the only major sources of recruiting political elites in a political system. Qualitative method has been applied in this research paper for deriving inferences. The research method is solely based upon secondary data and information. It is mainly deductive in nature based upon the existing research data.

Dr. Fauzia Ghani. (2020) Political Parties Are The Major Instrument Of Recruitment Of Elites: An Analysis, Journal of Political Science, Volume, Issue-1.
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