This Research article is an analytical study of english translation of the poetry of Mirza Asdullah Khan Ghalib by Sarfraz. K. Niazi. This translation was published under the title of Love Sonnets of Ghalib by Rupa & Co New Dehli in 2002. This is the first complete english translation, explication, lexicon and translitration of Mirza Ghalib's Urdu Poetry in English. While translating Ghalib, Sarfraz Niazi has adopted much and more from Yousaf Hussain Khan's Urdu Ghazals of Ghalib but didnot mention in preface or elsewhere. There are so many places On the pages of Love Sonnets of Ghalib Where these translations seem to be Plagerised:

Muhammad Qasim. (2020) بھرم کھل جائےظالم تیرے قامت کی درازی کا, Bazyaft, Volume-36-37, Issue-1.
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