Rafi-ud-Din Hashmi holds zenith of excellence and veneration among the literary and scholarly figures of sub-continent. He treads in various dimensions in literary perspective. This essay introduces one of his newly established aspect (Story-Writing), hither to unfamiliar in literary circles. This essay exclusively encompasses a comprehensive analysis of his short stories and the trends he set forths in the genre. The reader would find a preview of all his twentyone short stories, though these short stories are not available in book form. His first short story was published in 1960. Bringing all his short stories under disscussion, the essay, for the first time, discovers a significant literary dimension that is substantially tagged with Rafi-ud-Din Hashmi.

Sikandar Hayat. (2019) ڈاکٹر رفیع الدین ہاشمی بطور افسانہ نگار, Bazyaft, Volume-34-35, Issue-2.
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