The rapid revolution in technology has made the interaction among people easier through social media Apps and has given the business people novel ways to promote their business products and services. Therefore, now social media usage is not limited to only personal matters or fun but is also used for business advertising and selling purposes. The increased usage and need of social media has raised the risks associated with it which if exploited contribute to major losses. On the other hand, the increase in storage space with advancement in technology has made the digital forensic investigation a time consuming and difficult task. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge of the artifact locations of different frequently used applications so that the pre-hand information may be helpful in resolving any criminal cases faster. In this paper we have examined the behavior of Facebook, Skype and Twitter in Window 10 and has also highlighted some of the differences found with windows’ previous versions i.e. Window 8.1. In our research we have put effort to find remnants of above mentioned social media Apps’ usage in both the relevant databases and the registry entries.

Asma Majeed, Shahzad Saleem. (2017) Forensic Analysis of Social Media Apps in Windows 10, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 10, Issue 1.
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