Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) is a network of sensors, actuators, mobile and wearable devices that have processing and communication modules to monitor physical and environmental conditions. Currently millions of these type of smart devices serving in many fields like military, environment, and health services. Due to their unique deployment places even in hostile territories WSN are subject to various kinds of attacks. Self configuration, autonomous device addition, network connection and resource limitation are the main features of WSN that makes it highly prone to network attacks. Denial of Service (DoS) attacks which targets the availability of a WSN system is one of the most potent threat to which a WSN must be resilient in order to continue operations. This studies aim to analyze and classify the WSN DoS threats and their countermeasures. Based on the survey we present the best approach to designing a WSN resilient against DoS attacks.

Jahanzeb Shahid, Shahzad Saleem, Muhammad Nauman Qureshi. (2016) DOS Attacks on WSN and Their Classifications With Countermeasures - A Survey, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 9, Issue 2.
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