In this study, the kinetics of free radical polymerization of styrene initiated by benzoyl peroxide in polar solvent are described. A model was developed  based on set of   elementary reactions by mass balance of the chemical species and method of moment analysis. The set of modeled equations were solved analytically using the Garg et al (G-model) approach for the estimation of polystyrene average properties such as weight and number average molecular weights and polydispersity which were found to vary with reaction conditions and styrene monomer conversion. Our earlier reported styrene monomer conversion model was improved upon by the incorporation of the Trommsdoff Norrish effect . The modified conversion model was found to give better prediction.Key words: Kinetics, radical polymerization, G-model, polydispersity, method of moment, Trommsdoff Norrish effect. 

Rasheed Uthman Owolabi, Mohammed Awwaal Usman, John Abiola Kehinde. (2014) Styrene Conversion Modeling and Estimation of Polydispersity Index, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 7, Issue 1.
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