Composite face sheets were prepared in order to attach with the Nomex® core honeycomb structure for the manufacturing of composite sandwich panels for aero space applications. Nano reinforcements including carbon nano tubes (CNTs) and nano diamonds (NDs) were reinforced in the epoxy matrixalong with carbon fibers to fabricate composite face sheets. The micro-nano composites were characterized mechanically and micro structurally by tensile testing and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Uniform dispersion of both the nano-fillers was ensured by microscopic techniques. It was found that a uniform dispersion and distribution of nano reinforcement led to an increase in the mechanical performance of the composites.

U. Farooq, A. A. Khurram, M. S. Khan, S. A. Rakha, N. Ali, M. Shahid, A. Munir, T. Subhani. (2013) Carbon Nanotube/nanodiamond Reinforced Carbon Fiber Epoxy Matrix Composites – Processing and Characterization, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 6, Issue 1.
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