The utilisation prospects of hybrid energy sources such as solar and coal and the processes of solar phototvoltaic generation, coal power generation, oxy-fuel combustion, air separation and CO2 sequestration environment are analysed for the desert environment. A desert potential development model containing the processes of solar and coal power generation, air separation, oxy-fuel combustion and CO2sequestration is developed. The proposed model can be utilised in the deserts of Pakistan such as Thar, Thal, Cholistan and Chaghi Kharan. The positive impact of proposed model on current power generation capability is evaluated. The feasibility of the model is established by taking into account clean energy generation, environmental emissions reductions and sustainable development process.

Sadiq Ali Shah, Yang Zhang, Rodger Edward Edwards. (2010) Hybrid Energy Based and CO2 Sequestration Capable Desert Potential Development, NUST Journal of Engineering Sciences , Volume 3, Issue 1.
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