Objective: The study was conducted as a need assessment survey designed for the faculty of the University of Lahore to assess their current knowledge and attitude about child rights. Study Design: The research design of the current study was descriptive, and a cross-sectional survey was carried out for this purpose. Place and Duration of Study: This study was conducted at The University of Lahore from April to September 2017, during a period of 6 months. Material and Methods: The data were collected through knowledge and attitude assessment questionnaire (α = 0.78) about child rights, developed by researchers. Collected data were analyzed by applying descriptive and inferential statistics. The respondents were selected from the faculty of the University of Lahore (n = 250) through simple random sampling from two campuses. Results: Results indicate a positive correlation between knowledge and attitude scores of the participants (r = 0.56, p<0.01). Results also reveal that mean scores (M = 53.42, SD = 6.47) for attitude are higher for those participants who have attended any prior training related to child rights. Conclusion: The majority of the faculty members did not have enough knowledge about laws, legislations, and organizations working for child rights. Findings of this research suggest that there is a need for developing child rights awareness among the literate people as well as among the masses.

ANDLEEB ZEHRA, NAEEM ZAFAR, Waseem Akram, MEHEK NAEEM. (2020) Knowledge and Attitudes of Faculty of the University of Lahore, Pakistan on Child Rights, Pakistan Pediatric Journal, Volume 44, Issue 2.
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